Our Values

Why Love? 

Our mission is to be the BEST we can be to IMPROVE our team members’ lives, clients’ lives and the broader community’s lives.

When you think about what we all want as clients, it is to know that the person looking after us is the best they can be within their chosen profession and in particular, in their delivery of service to us.

To deliver this outcome to our clients, we provide our team members with daily, weekly and monthly training. We have an internal resource centre which we call LOVE Institute (this is updated weekly with resources to keep our team members up to date with the best material to enable them to best serve each other and our clients). In addition, we attend training all over the world which is relevant to our industry and directly connected to improving our clients’ lives.

As we too have been clients, we understand that when you engage in a professional service, you do so with a belief that it will somehow improve your life. To deliver this outcome, we use the best systems and strategies so that our entire LOVE team is engaged and committed to deliver you the best result.

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Our Values We Live By

Tell it like it is

  • Be the best we can be attached to our positional responsibility
  • Tell our clients what is best for them, what they need to hear, not what they want to hear
  • Be a custodian of our values

Stand Out

  • Stand out for being the best we can be attached to our positional responsibilities
  • Stand out for the right reasons
  • Stand out by not being the status quo

Stretch Yourself

  • Do everything we said we would, attached to being the best we can be
  • Do everything that is possible to be done, connected to our positional responsibility
  • Do more than was promised

Sleep Well

  • Treat each other as though we are family we LOVE
  • Look after our clients as though they are family we LOVE
  • Do everything you promised/said you would connected to your positional responsibility.

You Will Love Our Values

You Will Love Our Values

Doing what we do with the end outcome being to improve people’s lives can only happen as a result of a collective belief and approach to what we do. LOVE team members are experts in what they do. We specialise in assisting with all aspects attached to the moving the process. Our values see us immerse ourselves in our clients’ lives because our goal is to improve our clients’ lives and to create a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

At LOVE we don’t see you as a client, we see you as a LOVE family member. Rather than talk about our success, ranking in the country, or our record prices achieved, we have the spotlight firmly trained on what’s best for our LOVE family members (clients), with an understanding that YOU are the hero in this equation, not us.

What You Get With Love?

As a LOVE family member, you will receive the following outcomes:

  • A fee that reflects the delivery of service/outcome
  • Newcastle and Lake Macquarie’s most innovative and comprehensive marketing strategy
  • We are available when you are available (extended hours)
  • One-team approach: over 50 people working towards achieving your outcome
  • Certified negotiators
  • Service guarantee
  • A trusted sounding board
  • Proactive advice and assistance
  • Peace of mind knowing everything is done right
  • Best result possible guarantee.