Useful information

Welcome to Love Rentals. If you are a tenant who regularly pays your rent on time and looks after your rental property as if it was your own, then we would love to have you as a tenant of our agency.
We will assist you quickly in every way to become an approved applicant of any vacant property that we currently have for lease. To ensure speedy processing of your application please let us have all of the supporting documentation as required in the application.
During your tenancy
At Love Realty, we will also provide you with assistance in every other area, from arranging the lease to organising your rent payment arrangements.
Once you’ve moved in, we will also help with maintenance and repairs We can also sort any little emergencies that crop up. For urgent maintenance repairs please contact us directly on 4958 8555 or 0418 603 020.
Getting started with a rental property
When searching for a rental property, think carefully about:

  • A rough estimate of how much rent you can afford to pay
  • Any special needs you may have
  • Your preferred suburbs
  • Go to the Available Properties section of our website and make a note of any that match your basic criteria along with the open home times. Most properties will be open for inspection once or twice a week, however if you require an individual inspection please contact the office to determine whether a private viewing timeslot is available on that property.

Applying for a lease
Once you have found a property you’d like you will need to fill out the Application for Residential Tenancy (go to Application Form on this website and complete all the information required). Every adult who is going to be living at the property is required to complete the Application for Residential Tenancy. Please note that it is a requirement for every tenancy that rent payments are made by direct debit and a photo copy of proof of identity will be required for all applicants as indicated in the ID check section of the Application for Residential Tenancy application form.
When will I be notified if successful?
Your application will be processed by our leasing department who will confirm the information you have supplied. Your application, together with any others that may have been received for the same property will be referred to the owner of that property for instructions.
You will be contacted by our Leasing Manager and advised of the outcome. This process normally takes two working days.
What happens when the application is approved?
You will need to make an appointment to visit our office at 20 Kemp Street, Wallsend to complete the paperwork.
Step 1: sign the Tenancy Agreement initialling all clauses as having read and understood them.
Step 2: sign the Lodgement Form for the bond to be lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority.
Step 3: if you are taking possession of the property immediately, you will also need to sign a receipt for the keys and to complete a condition report in duplicate, returning one signed copy to this office within three business days.
How do I organise payments?
Rent is always payable a week in advance, and all our tenants pay by direct debit. Initially however, you will need a cheque for four weeks’ rent as bond, two weeks’ rent in advance, and a lease preparation fee of $15.
Once you’ve moved in

  • Please make yourself at home but there are a few things to be aware of. Things such as picture hooks, a second phone line, a Foxtel connection or any other alterations to the property need to be requested in writing to the Property Manager.
  • It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain lawns and gardens including the watering of plants and grass.
  • Routine inspections of the property will be carried out by our Property Manager and/or the owner. You will be given seven days’ notice of all inspections. If you are leasing a strata title unit you are also required to obey the by-laws of that unit complex.

Water usage
Water usage is calculated using water meter readings which can only be done if the house, townhouse, unit or apartment is separately metered.
You will be invoiced by Love Realty for payment of water usage within three months of the owner receiving the bill. Payment must be made to Love Realty (not Hunter Water) within 21 days.
If you notice a dramatic change in your water bill please contact us in case you have a faulty meter or a leaking pipe.
In an emergency
Your first call should always be to the Property Manager. Please call the office on4958 8555 or after hours 0418 603 020 and we will ensure the situation is dealt with as promptly as possible.
To make sharing a rental property run smoothly we suggest you nominate one person to be responsible for paying the rent and any other accounts. From our experience, any other arrangement invariably invites problems and confusion at some stage.
It is very important to be aware that all tenants are jointly and separately responsible for any debt of the tenancy.
If there is any change in your sharing arrangements you will need to fill out a Change of Shared Tenancy form immediately.
When vacant possession is required by an owner
If an owner wishes to end a tenancy one of the three following points will usually apply:

  1. The owner is required to give you 30 days’ written notice to resume possession at the end of a lease. This can be issued up until the last day of the fixed term of the tenancy agreement.
  2. The owner is required to give you 90 days’ written notice to vacate the property once the lease agreement fixed term has expired.
  3. If the property has sold and the lease agreement fixed term has expired the owner may terminate the tenancy by giving 30 days’ written notice upon exchange of the sale contract.

Every precaution has been taken to establish accuracy of the above information but does not constitute any representation by the vendor or agent.

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