Ending your tenancy

Intention to Vacate
Important: only use this form if your lease agreement has already expired or will expire on or before the date you intend to vacate (do not use this form if you are intending to break your lease). Do not use this form if you intend to advise details of a change in shared tenancy.
Click here to download Intention to Vacate form
Change of Shared Tenancy
To change a shared tenancy arrangement the attached PDF form must be downloaded and completed, however all new tenants must complete an application form and a change of shared tenancy bond form available here or from the Office of Fair Trading.
Click here to download Change of Shared Tenancy form
Change of Shared Tenancy Bond Application
A new tenant coming into a shared house must complete the attached bond form and follow the full application process in Applying for a Rental Property.
Click here to download The Bond Application form

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