Preparing Your Property for Rent

First Impression Count

Leasing your property is an exciting and busy time. Love Rentals has a wealth of experience in leasing properties, so we know what tenants look for. We know they start forming an opinion even before they walk through your door at the very first inspection.

To attract the best possible tenant for your home, you must ensure the features that make your property unique are highlighted and the distractions are kept to a minimum. Tenants look for negatives to give them bargaining power. It’s no secret that quality, well-maintained homes attract quality tenants.

This should not be a costly exercise. It’s the little things that count. Your Love Rentals agent is there to provide you with advice and recommend small, inexpensive changes. We have prepared a printable checklist below to assist you in attracting quality tenants and achieving the best possible price in today’s market.



  • Paint and touch up interior walls if required
  • Make necessary repairs/replacements, eg shower curtains, leaking taps, peeling paint
  • Clean carpets and polish floors professionally to remove stains and odours
  • Clean curtains, blinds and shutters
  • Organise and tidy up garage
  • De-clutter rooms
  • Clean bathrooms thoroughly and remove mould and water stains
  • Polish or dust furniture
  • Mow lawns including nature strip
  • Rake leaves, sweep paths
  • Weed garden
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Clear guttering and drains, and paint if necessary
  • Remove toys and yard clutter
  • Remove bins
  • Wash windows and flyscreens
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Wash exterior of house and touch up paint
  • Clean doorways
  • Clean or replace front door mat
  • Clean swimming pool if you have one
  • CLEAN – make sure the house is spotless
  • Eliminate clutter – kitchen bench tops and bathroom vanities should be clear and clean
  • Open curtains – create a feeling of space and light
  • Open windows to ensure there are no bad odours
  • Make your place smell inviting. Burn essential oils, bake bread or brew coffee
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Make all the beds and replace bathroom towels
  • Put on air conditioning if hot outside or heating if it’s cold
  • Create the mood – soft background music will help create a sense of ease
  • Remove any animals or pets from the property


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