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Sales Team

Bill Kington

Stephen Cromarty

Liam McAlister

Graeme Boyd

Daniel Gilbert

Liam Cromarty

Lewis Elliott

Brett Stafford

Brendan Dewley

Jamie Campbell

Zac Marwick

Janice Chu

Nathan Stenner

Appointment Specialist Team

Lewis Mitchell

Julie Vernon

Lyn Perry

Nick Vaka

Roman Anderson

Administration Team

Christie Adams

Janelle Everett

Bernadette Cockburn

Kate Smith

Lachlan Williams

Brea Watson

Ruby Hulbert

Natasha Behrens

Property Management Team

Aleesha Nicoll

Donna Beavan

Judy McCosker

Karlie Mitchell

Kymberley Doyle

Lisa Watson

Sean Mercer

Ashley Jenner

Bayley Foley

Nicole Ansell

Rebecca Davis

Noi Srimo

Love Media

Andy Clemmensen

Tristan Murphy

Meet the team

What people are saying about LOVE Realty

"Thank you to all ‘LOVE’ team for the professional approach and manner during the sale of our property. The journey from start to finish was well planned and we always felt at ease. Thanks, Rick" – Rick Towers