We are proud to introduce LOVE Create


Imagine if potential buyers could view your property, visualise a renovation or change the style without leaving their home.

How would this change your life?

We are here to help with LOVE CREATE. Newcastle and Lake Macquarie’s most innovative and comprehensive marketing strategy.

If you have any thoughts of selling your property, you need to watch the videos below… Exclusive to LOVE.


Pop the goggles on and it’s like you’re already there

It’s like lifting the roof off and having a look in.

Showcases a different perspective.

How beautiful does a home look in the evening. Showcasing yet again a different perspective.

Sell the dream! Instead of trying to explain to someone all the renovation plans you had for the future, LOVE Renovate gives you the ability to sit down with the photographer and make those changes to the photography, so we can show a before and after all without you having to do the work!

If you are too busy, if you feel overwhelmed getting the home photography ready, you have the energy to prepare it for the open home, but you are nervous about getting it photography ready, don’t worry with the click of a button we can remove what it is you are worried about and the photography will be world class.