What LOVE does for you

Finding the right tenant

Matching the right tenant to the right property is the first and major step in a successful partnership. All our tenants undergo a rigid and strict screening procedure including:

  • A credit check with a national online credit agency (TICA)
  • A reference check through previous rental agencies, employers and other referees
  • A rental history check including:

– What was the reason for the last move?

– Was correct notice given on the last move?

– Was the last occupation subject to normal wear and tear or any extraneous damage?

– Do the prospective tenants have a reputation for being respectful towards neighbours?

– Were they “complainers”?

– Do the number and age of the family match the property?

  • Our New Business Manager is specifically and comprehensively trained to implement all of the above screening checks, and to apply our common sense check list.

Marketing your property

Love Realty believes a rental property should be promoted to a similar extent to a sale property because the more tenants we can attract the more choice we have to find the perfect tenant for each property. Our own website plus realestate.com and domain.com attracts thousands of visits per month and our “quick search” function fast-tracks prospective tenants to finding a suitable property. In addition, our stand-out “For Lease with LOVE” signage attracts hundreds of enquiries on a monthly basis. Interestingly, many of our tenants are very loyal to Love Realty and prefer to select their next rental property from our portfolio.Some properties require innovative marketing, and with this in mind we regularly contact large organisations such as Hunter Area Health Service, NewcastleUniversity, other educational institutions, large companies, and relocation specialists acting for corporate executives.

Documentation and tenant briefing

All the key terms of the lease are discussed and explained to prospective tenants. We believe this interview is a critical time to set the boundaries of the relationship and to confirm the tenant agrees with the Ingoing Condition Report.At the time of handing over the keys we personally meet with the tenant and again ensure they fully understand the terms of the tenancy.

Ongoing management

Property inspections:

  • Within 2 to 3 months of the new tenancy starting we check the premises and forward a copy of a condition report to you.
  • For the duration of the tenancy we conduct periodical inspections and report to you on the condition of the property. Owners often like to attend these inspections and we generally invite them to do so if they prefer (we suggest one inspection per year with owner in attendance).

Collecting the rent and paying accounts

We have a policy of rent payment by direct debit. Direct debit payments are common in many industries where regular payments are required and no other options are available. We find a much better result in managing arrears by offering only one payment system and in the modern world this is quite acceptable to the majority of tenants with good intentions of paying their rent on time. By putting a financial penalty in place for a default on direct debits in addition to the bank’s penalty we find tenants seldom default on more than one occasion. Most other payment options are more open to abuse or accidental neglect by tenants than the direct debit system.To make the management of your rental property even easier, we can also attend to the payment of accounts for repairs, maintenance, rates and strata levies.

Repairs and maintenance

To maintain your property in tip-top condition we have a team of experienced, reliable tradespeople who can attend to any repairs and maintenance that arise at extremely competitive rates. We also have a full-time repairs expert to co-ordinate and supervise the work. Often money can be saved on behalf of an owner by understanding that not all repairs are necessarily as described by the tenant. Sometimes, simply stopping and restarting equipment or checking a fuse box or circuit breakers can save a call-out fee. As the old saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine”. Often our repairs expert can identify a problem before it becomes a more costly one. Regular checking of smoke alarms, rubbish removal, general cleaning, pest, electrical and plumbing repairs are all areas in which we can assist.

Financial statements

We give you a complete statement on the finances of your property at the end of each month by email or mail, and at the end of the financial year we provide a full account of the year’s finance to make it easy for you at tax time.

Keeping you up to date

We believe communication is a major component in managing your property. Every owner has a different expectation on communication. Some owners prefer to know everything that happens, others prefer not to know anything more than what happens at the end of each financial month, while others fall somewhere in between. From emails and SMS messages to phone calls and letters, we use all available means to stay in touch with you to ensure the level of communication you require is met.


As soon as the property becomes vacant or notice is received that it will become vacant we will commence advertising for a new tenant once your instructions to do so are confirmed. At the end of each tenancy a thorough inspection of the property is made to determine the condition of the property at the completion of that tenancy.

Tribunal hearings

Despite everybody’s best endeavours there are occasions where we need to represent you in the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT). This can be to seek compensation or orders on the tenant or to defend any actions they may initiate. Any members of our team who represent you at the CTTT will be very experienced in this particular courtroom environment which can be notoriously tricky to navigate. Generally we are at an advantage on account of having kept detailed records and notes of conversations and events leading up to any dispute.

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