Selling tips


Selling Tips

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There are literally thousands of websites, books, e-books, free brochures, and TV programs advising consumers to have a clean, tidy house, clean windows, tidy gardens, uncluttered living spaces etc, all the way up to a complete makeover, paint job, hired furniture and varying degrees of renovations.

We are going to offer you some seldom seen advice and advice that perhaps many agents would prefer not to give.



It’s perfectly fine to prepare a house for sale just as you would a car or any other item. Presentation is important and can be done to varying standards.

However, we often notice that an “honest” house attracts a lot more interest the less it has been dressed up for sale. Some of the most spectacular results have been obtained where a house is in absolutely original condition and attracting an army of people wanting to own it and add value. The main point here is that if you are unable or unwilling to prepare a house for sale, don’t stress! We will be able to sell it regardless of the presentation and quite possibly for more than you’d think.


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Many people talk about the best time to sell and it’s true that some periods are busier periods than others. In late summer and spring there can be a surge of enquiries, and different agents have different opinions about the best time to sell.

In reality, our monthly sales performance remains steady from January to December every year.

If you are thinking about the best time to sell, the best time is when you are ready! Waiting for the market to go up while you are living in a house you’d prefer to have sold may not be the best use of your time. Why not sell the house now and wait for the price of real estate to go up while you are living in your new house? Your net worth will remain much the same but you’ll be enjoying the benefits of the new property while you wait.

Another way of thinking about this is to buy and sell on the same market. If prices are down on your sale, they’ll be down on your purchase. If prices are up on your sale, they’ll be up on your purchase.

Myths about choosing an agent

Fact vs Myth

If you were choosing an agent to sell your property would you invite a few to appraise your home, ask about selling fees and selling prices and perhaps about what marketing comes with that selling fee? Remember, the agent is not the purchaser of the property. The agent, however, is very aware that by quoting the highest price for the house they will often be regarded as the most “attractive” agent. This, coupled with a low selling fee, would certainly seem to be the best deal. In fact, what has just happened is the seller has been attracted to the best fibber with the least skills.

Because most people only sell a few houses in a lifetime their skills around choosing an agent are not finely tuned. Have you ever noticed in life that truly great questions bring out truly great answers? To assist you in making a great decision about your choice of agent we have put together a list of truly great questions that you should ask any agent you interview. If you click on the link here we will email you your free Agent Examination Questions. If you are interviewing two, three or four agents you’ll make a great decision if you ask these questions. Our Agent Examination Questions are designed to give every agent including ourselves a really thorough test, just like a driving test or an exam at school. Score your “students” on how many questions they answer well and you’ll be well on your way towards making a great decision about who represents your most valuable asset.

And remember two things:

  • The best agent will put the most amount of money in your pocket.
  • It’s not what an agent charges you but what they cost you which is the most important point.

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