LOVE Appraisals

At LOVE, we have both internal and external advisers who can help assemble the facts you require to make a good decision about buying, selling or renting.

For example, some of the following categories might match your requirements:

  • Should I sell or should I renovate?

  • Can I have my rental property appraised without disturbing the tenants?

  • I’m over 55. How do I sell and buy without bridging finance?

  • How much would I get if I rented out my home?

  • Should I do repairs or renovations before I sell or sell “as is”?

  • What’s the best way of selling my property?

Our large and experienced team includes people who are very capable of giving you impartial and objective advice around these and many other specific reasons for selling, buying or renting. If you would like one of our resident experts to appraise your property, please call 4958 8555, or simply complete the panel below and email your request to our Appointment Co-ordinator.


  • Selling - Standard Free Property Appraisal
  • Selling - Should I renovate or Should I sell Free Appraisal ?
  • Selling - Can you sell my home without having to go 'on the market' ?
  • Selling - Can you appraise my property in the next 42 hours ?
  • Selling - I am over 55 - How do I buy and sell without bringing finance ?
  • Free Suburb Report


  • Leasing - How much rent will my property achieve ?
  • Leasing - Can you appraise my rental property without disturbing the tenants ?
  • Leasing - Should I rent my house instead of selling it ?
  • Free Suburb Report
  • Providing an approximate indication of your home's value allows us to target the most appropriate comparable sales to include in our report. We will provide you with a comprehensive comparative market analysis (CMA) that uses these recent sales to determine your home's approximate value.