Selling your home? 

If you're making the decision to sell your home, the first thought you might have is, how do I actually do it?
What are the steps that I need to take to sell my house?

If you're selling your home, there are a few steps to the process:

        1. You need to contact a real estate agent and get an appraisal. This will determine the value of your home and what you can expect given the market at the time.
        1. Then, select the agent you're comfortable with. Many people get this choice wrong by choosing their agent based on two things: 
          • What price the agent gives them
          • How low their fees are, and the cheapest marketing package they can provide them. It's a real flaw when selling your home, because you end up with an agent displaying the wrong skillset - their inability to negotiate and show value. These are the two major skill sets that you want in an agent. If your agent can't display these, you may as well be selling your home yourself.

                                   Order a contract for sale.

                                   Get the marketing organised, as soon as possible. It typically takes up to two weeks to get your property on the market. 


At LOVE, our in-house media team allows you to work through that system very quickly. We want to showcase your home in the best possible way - see our tips on how to best prepare your home for sale.


What's the lead-up to Christmas like in real estate?

Well, most people would feel as though things would start to wind down. But, contrary to that, it becomes a lot busier and a lot more heated at Christmas. A lot of activity is happening. People are making big decisions at that time of year. In both the sales and rental arena, Christmas is a thriving, busy time of year.

Do people buy homes right up to Christmas Eve?


On Christmas Eve, our sales team will be diligently signing sales contracts. But most of us are getting organised and settled by creating certainty around our living arrangements. Many families will be considering new work contracts, school choices and lifestyle preferences. It's a key time of year for big decisions. Selling your home and moving is often a part of this process.

Christmas Lights on House

We asked our Senior Agent Liam: "Why is real estate rush hour at Christmas?"

"This will be my eighth Christmas with LOVE. Just last week, on a Tuesday, we had 60 phone-in inquiries. We haven't seen those sorts of numbers since I've been in the industry, that's for sure. The buyer enquiries are incredible and all those people need a home to buy. If you're selling your home to those buyers, you'll need a home to buy as well. It's just a huge flow-on effect."

LOVE director Stephen Cromarty stresses the importance of the Christmas real estate market.

“At LOVE, our biggest quarter has always been the end of the year. People focus on Santa coming along, and they want to deliver that new home to their family in the New Year. But I think this year it has a few other ingredients chucked into the mix as well."

The sentiment of buyers at the moment has been "Wow, look what we can afford," or, "Look what we can buy, and look at the quality of the home we can own for that price," as opposed to trying to find the same sort of thing in a larger city that's going to cost two and sometimes three times that amount.

At the start of the year, between 50%-70% of people were first home buyers. Currently, a lot more investors have joined the market, which has added more petrol to the fire. Now throw in the 0.1% of the reserves bank interest rates. People are taking advantage of up-sizing and living that bit more luxe where they might've been a bit conservative up until about 2018 or 2019. Now they're taking advantage of, "Let's just upsize" at 2%, 2.4% interest rates.


Now is a great time to be selling your home. Get your up to date, free appraisal today at ww




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