Winter months aren’t the most fun at the best of times, and making the decision to sell your home is an emotional rollercoaster to begin with.


The good news is; Winter months also mean less competition on the property market. Potential buyers who are looking at real estate during Winter are highly motivated, and willing to brave the cold for those early open homes and auction dates. An expert real estate agent will know how to showcase your home in the best way possible, so you can get the best outcome possible.


There are also some things you can do to give yourself the best chance at selling your home, starting with your free appraisal.



          1. Warm it up

While you can’t control the weather, you can control the feel of your home. Bright colours, cosy throws and lots of light can all make your home seem more warm and inviting. Before any inspections or photography sessions, break out those bright cushions and open up all the blinds.


If you’re hosting an open home, something as simple as turning the heating on can immediately make the space seem more homey to potential buyers. There’s nothing like stepping into a warm, cosy home from the cold outside. If a buyer can experience this, it makes it easier for them to imagine a life in your home permanently. This increases their interest, which increases your chances!



          1. Keep your home (extra) clean

Cooler winter months in Newcastle don’t always bring the best natural lighting. Having clean windows will help any light shine through as much as possible, as well as keeping any murky rain streaks away.


When hosting, make sure you protect your home’s interior by providing a welcome mat and umbrella stand. Muddy footprints and dirty carpets are the last thing you need in real estate!



          1. Fix what needs to be fixed

Aside from your routine cosmetic repairs and maintenance, Winter can bring around more issues. Mould, damp and leaky pipes are sure ways to turn a buyer off your home. Make sure you have a professional look at your home to find the source of any damp or mould. This should be fixed before any potential buyers come to see the home.


Even in sunny areas such as Newcastle, it’s important to check all parts of your home for any winter-related issues.


          1. Maintain your curb appeal

While we’re very lucky in Newcastle to experience that stunning city-country balance, unfortunately the winter months bring leaves, leaves and more leaves. Having excess branches, weeds and debris in your yard can make it look pretty shabby pretty quickly. Take that extra amount of time to make sure your front of house and yard all look extra schmick – it will make a difference!



          1. Work with a reliable and experienced real estate agent

An expert real estate agent who has your best interests at heart is your greatest friend during the entire selling process! Having a real estate agent you can trust and who knows the industry inside and out will always be able to help you, even during the Winter months.




At LOVE, we service the entire Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area who are looking to make their next step in the real estate world. Our agents are up to date with the latest property news and advice - we aim to increase the joys and reduce the stress!


If this sounds like the experience you want, learn all about our services here, or contact our main office on 4958 8555.

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