10 Tips to help you declutter before you move

Congratulations! You’re taking the next step and made the decision to move house. Of course, it comes with a process not many of us enjoy – packing!

To make the most out of the process, we encourage you to take the opportunity to declutter your spaces, so you arrive at your new home as the freshest version of yourself!

Here are our top 10 tips to help you declutter before you move house.


  1. Make a plan

Having a plan is the best way to start the packing process. Firstly, take note of the dates you have access to the new home, and when you need to leave your...

Winter months aren’t the most fun at the best of times, and making the decision to sell your home is an emotional rollercoaster to begin with.


The good news is; Winter months also mean less competition on the property market. Potential buyers who are looking at real estate during Winter are highly motivated, and willing to brave the cold for those early open homes and auction dates. An expert real estate agent will know how to showcase your home in the best way possible, so you can get the best outcome possible.


There are also some things you can do to give yourself the best chance at selling your home, starting with your free appraisal.




Selling your home? 

If you're making the decision to sell your home, the first thought you might have is, how do I actually do it?
What are the steps that I need to take to sell my house?

If you're selling your home, there are a few steps to the process:

        1. You need to contact a real estate agent and get an appraisal. This will determine the value of your home and what you can expect given the market at the time.
        1. Then, select the agent you're comfortable with. Many people get this choice wrong by choosing their agent based on two...

Many people in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie depend on us when it comes to buying and selling, and we want to let you know our door is still open and we’re here to help you.


For those who want or need to move, we have compiled a simple list of what you need to know to achieve the best outcome.


Talk to a Real Estate Agent

The best place to start if you’re thinking of selling is by speaking to a LOVE agent. We’re working in unprecedented times and operating under tight restrictions by the Australian Government, we are still talking to many serious buyers who need to find a new...

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Our Values Testimonial


Liam and all staff are amazing! Thanks you so much for everything. Selling my family home of 20 years was very emotional but the staff at LOVE Realty made the whole thing so much easier. I would also like to thank the leasing department at LOVE for coming to the rescue of my daughter who couldn’t find a house to rent where she could have her fur baby Peppa. She is now in a lovely home with her beloved fur baby and a baby on the way in February. Thanks for being there for me and my family and helping us transition into our new chapter