Selling your home? 

If you're selling your home the steps you need to take to start the process are:

    1. You need to contact a real estate agent and Get an appraisal.
    2. Then select the agent we're comfortable with, which most people get wrong by choosing their agent based on two things.
      • Select an agent based on what price they tell them
      • How low their fees are and the cheapest marketing package they can provide them. (It's a real flaw when selling your home because you end up with an agent displaying the wrong skillset. Which is their inability to negotiate and show value. Because that's the two major skill sets that you want in...

Many people in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie depend on us when it comes to buying and selling, and we want to let you know our door is still open and we’re here to help you.

For those who want or need to move, we have compiled a simple list of what you need to know to achieve the best outcome.

Talk to a Real Estate Agent

The best place to start if you’re thinking of selling is by speaking to LOVE realty. We’re working in unprecedented times and operating under tight restrictions by the Australian Government, we are still talking to many serious buyers who need to find a new home. Our team...

1st November 2019

Given all the news in the media at the moment, it can be confusing to know if it’s a good time to buy or sell.

So let’s look at the facts and then look at what advice I have given people for the last 20 years. The facts are, interest rates are at an all-time low, property affordability is at the levels it was in the ‘90’s, and we are in a recovering market, which means that confidence has returned to market and the recovery phase is generally one of the best times financially to either be buying or selling. “Why?” you might ask?

Put simply, a recovering market is the prelude to a rising market. The market is already...

You should pick a property manager who is an investor themselves. If they don’t have investments properties, it could be argued they don’t understand what it is like to be an investor and face the problems so many investors do. A property manager should understand the Auctioneers and Agents Act, and have a system which rewards the tenants for looking after your home.


Stephen Cromarty

November 2019

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Our Values Testimonial


Liam and all staff are amazing! Thanks you so much for everything. Selling my family home of 20 years was very emotional but the staff at LOVE Realty made the whole thing so much easier. I would also like to thank the leasing department at LOVE for coming to the rescue of my daughter who couldn’t find a house to rent where she could have her fur baby Peppa. She is now in a lovely home with her beloved fur baby and a baby on the way in February. Thanks for being there for me and my family and helping us transition into our new chapter