LOVE Is Love! Newcastle Pride Festival Cover Image

On Saturday October 15 2022, LOVE were very proud to be a sponsor of the Lake Macquarie Pride Festival! The event proved to be a major success, and an amazing initiative for the Lake Macquarie and wider community.

With balloons, flyers, vintage cars and a whole lot of rainbows, it was surreal to see the event saturated by the LOVE brand, showcasing not only our team but the values we and our community stand for.

The event was great fun for the entire LOVE family, with plenty of activities, special guests and glorious weather to top it all off!

We PRIDE ourselves on doing all things with LOVE, and we are very happy to be a part of a community...

The Top 10 Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them Cover Image

The Top 10 Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

  1. Procrastinating!

This is one of the biggest mistakes we all make in the moving process! Whatever you do, don’t leave it till the last minute! Whether that’s booking your removalists, packing or sorting out your utilities at the new house, get it done early! It will save you a lot of stress and time later.

  1. Forgetting to change your address

When you forget to change your address, you’re signing yourself up for a lot of inconvenience later on. For all your postal mail, set aside some time to change your addresses online.

  1. Not measuring your space

There’s nothing worse than getting to...

How to prepare your home for Spring! 7 Ways Cover Image

How to prepare your home for Spring! 7 Ways

Whether you’re considering selling your home or you’re just in need of a good spring spruce, there are lots of ways you can prepare your home for Spring!

1. (Deep) Spring Clean

We couldn’t talk about preparing your home for Spring if we didn’t talk about spring cleaning! Before you roll your eyes, hear us out; instead of the standard house clean, we challenge you to go that bit deeper.

When was the last time you scrubbed your doorframes, your baseboards or your walls? Take your home to the next level and scrub all those little nooks and corners that often get overlooked when we’re just doing the basic clean.


10 Tips To Help You Declutter Before You Move Cover Image

10 Tips to help you declutter before you move

Congratulations! You’re taking the next step and made the decision to move house. Of course, it comes with a process not many of us enjoy – packing!

To make the most out of the process, we encourage you to take the opportunity to declutter your spaces, so you arrive at your new home as the freshest version of yourself!

Here are our top 10 tips to help you declutter before you move house.

  1. Make a plan

Having a plan is the best way to start the packing process. Firstly, take note of the dates you have access to the new home, and when you need to leave your current...

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Our Values Testimonial


Liam and all staff are amazing! Thanks you so much for everything. Selling my family home of 20 years was very emotional but the staff at LOVE Realty made the whole thing so much easier. I would also like to thank the leasing department at LOVE for coming to the rescue of my daughter who couldn’t find a house to rent where she could have her fur baby Peppa. She is now in a lovely home with her beloved fur baby and a baby on the way in February. Thanks for being there for me and my family and helping us transition into our new chapter