About us


When we carry out our tasks connected to our positions it improves our clients lives and our lives.

Our mission is to "improve people’s lives", we understand everything we do affects the quality of the result for our clients and as a result has a direct impact on their life. Turning up every day with the intent to improve our clients lives and team members lives gives clarity around not only how we turn up, but how we show up, meaning, every task, every procedure exists to benefit our clients and the attainment of the best outcome for all our clients. With all team members having a greater understanding as to how what we do impacts on our clients lives, gives all team members the ability and understanding to not only make decisions, but in doing so, understand what the intended outcome is.


Many hands make light work

Our one team model has been designed to create an offering which is unrivalled within the real estate industry and has seen our leader, “Stephen Cromarty”, been asked to take to the stage, nationally and internationally, and share just how the one team model operates and delivers the results it does for our clients.


All decisions and behaviours are derived from our 4 core values to ensure our approach and the delivery of the results for our clients are in line with what is best for them, and in doing so enabling LOVE to smash stereotypes.

Our Offering

Our offering outlines what to expect from us and what our commitment is to you.

  • In both sales and property management, every client has a property expert looking after them supported by their team
  • One team model, which means an entire team dedicated to achieving the best result
  • Specialist people in specialist roles
  • We return calls, emails and requests for information from you within one business day.
  • Flexible terms and contracts
  • In house marketing department and access to all forms of media and marketing resources
  • Extended opening hours to cater for our clients who work


As a client of LOVE you will receive.

  • Access to our negotiation system
  • Best buyer/tenant at the best price
  • Best tenant at the best price
  • Value for money
  • A home that suits your needs at a price you are happy to pay, whether renting or purchasing
  • Peace of mind to know everything is done right
  • Advice in plain, easy to understand English
  • Staff to handle any issues arising with the management, leasing, purchase and or sale of your property
  • Up to date information
  • Proactive advice in line and up to date with current legislation and compliance, and advice and guidance in the following areas;
  1. Marketing and advertising
  2. Presentation
  3. Strategic advice
  4. Asset management and protection
  5. Ability to profit from understanding market trends