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Choosing the right agent can be a daunting task. Most agents you are likely to interview or meet will be well dressed, well mannered and have a strong belief that they are the best agent to serve your needs. Invariably they will propose they have the best marketing, the best negotiating skills, the best network, and generally the best everything!

Unfortunately, when all else appears the same, the choice of agent is often made on the basis of fees, marketing and quoted sale price. As in any purchasing decision, what a buyer is really looking for is value for money. In a real estate transaction value for money comes from the most money being in your pocket at the end of the transaction.

The most money in your pocket is a result of your agent reaching the widest audience, finding the absolute best buyer, negotiating with that buyer to obtain the best possible price and then taking the transaction through a smooth and trouble-free process to provide you with the outcome you want.

Can you remember the last time you made a substantial purchase?

At the end of the transaction, were you satisfied, very satisfied or extremely satisfied? In fact, when was the last time you were so impressed with the service you received that you were compelled to write a letter of thanks or fill out a service questionnaire?

If you’re like most consumers, you expect great service, you expect to be satisfied, and fulfilling those needs doesn’t really warrant the effort of filling out of a questionnaire or writing your own words of thanks to your service provider. With that thought in mind, please review the volume and content of the many hundreds of thank you letters and notes contained in the following pages.

Newcastle and Lake Macquarie are fondly referred to as a “big country town”. We refer to our area in this way because it’s unusual to speak to someone for long before finding out you have a friend in common. Of course, we don’t expect you to read all the client reviews below but to save time we suggest you flick through the list to see if any of the authors are people you know in our “big country town”.

To save you further time, we have put the last ten client reviews at the top of the page in purple print. The best recommendation a business can possibly offer is the recommendation of a past client. We hope you enjoy finding a past client here who you know or know of and can perhaps call upon to further validate their experience with Love Realty.

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Client reviews

What people are saying about Love Realty

I would recommend Love Realty to any friend who was thinking of buying or selling their property.

– Mr & Mrs Makin

Keep communicating with your prospective buyers. Richard was very impressed with the way Alex kept in contact with him to secure our new home. Also her phone manners were excellent.

– Mr & Mrs Hallett

10/10. We dealt with Matt – he’s a funny bugger! We are sure Matt wears ‘Superman’ undies. LOL.

– Mrs Seymour & Mrs Wray

DAN 10/10! All agents we came across with Love were also very good. Keep doing what you’re doing!

– Mr Stevens

All your sales team give great effort in regards to selling my property. Work hard, the way you and your team are, and I believe LOVE Realty would be number one in the Hunter very soon.

– Mr Lucky

Your service has been very professional and prompt to date. I know my property may take time to sell, due to the ‘uniqueness’. Many thanks for your efforts so far.

– Mr Creagh

We highly recommend Jess and the team at LOVE Realty to sell your home. Jess has a very professional and proactive approach to get prospective buyers to look at your home. We felt very confident our house would be sold. Once our agreement was signed our house was sold before any advertising took place and we were extremely impressed. We definitely had the experience that LOVE Realty advertise: ‘The agents who always call you back’.

– Mr & Mrs Adamson

We are very impressed with your very professional staff. Errin shines out as a really polite and friendly person, an asset to your business.

– Mr & Mrs Davis

Outstanding service from Dan – personable and sincere, thanks.

– Ms Morton

Your team has surpassed my expectations and I would recommend them to my friends and family.

– Mrs Jeffrey

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