Our Love Philosophy

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When LOVE and PASSION come together anything becomes possible, and it is with this philosophy, our values and our culture was created.  They say you must LOVE what you do, at LOVE that is a given, but what about LOVING who you’re working with, your colleagues, clients and broader community.

At LOVE, our LOVE of what we do, our LOVE of each other, is directly connected to our clients experience, every client is treated as though they are family.

Our primary objective is to improve each others lives, and it is with that understanding that we work with our clients. What we do is more than sell and lease houses, we understand we are in the business of people and it is with this commitment to people, that we provide whatever level of service and expertise is required to achieve the best outcome for our clients and each other, whether it be financial advice, investment advice, wealth creation strategies, general advice, or simply a sounding board, we will do whatever is required to bring you the best advice and support required to deliver the best outcome for our clients.

When assisting in making the best decision for our clients we do so in this order, what is best for the client, then LOVE, then oneself, in this order, starting with the clients’ interests in mind, if we don’t can’t get a positive outcome for the client first, then we don’t proceed past go.

At LOVE we partner with our clients and will never take 100% of our fee without delivering on 100% of our promises.

LOVE was founded in 2007 by Stephen Cromarty and Bill Kington. We are located in Newcastle with offices in Boolaroo and Warners Bay, however our extensive client base is throughout Australia. Now one of the country’s fastest growing and leading real estate agencies, we employ more than 50 staff who share the same committed vision of being the best we can be to improve our team members lives, clients lives and the broader communities lives.

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