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Nicole Ansell | Associate Director
Nicole Ansell

Having grown up in Lake Macquarie, Nicole has never strayed too far and has made it the place she calls home. Nicole's knowledge of the area, landmark locations and amenities qualifies her to give up-to-date advice on any changes concerning the rental market in the Lake Macquarie area.

Growing up in a family of 7, Nicole learnt very early on in life the negotiation and conflict management skills which have helped her become a great Property Manager.

A very grounded person, Nicole established herself in the Real Estate Industry as a Property Manager 14 years ago. During that time, Nicole has gained extensive training in all areas of Property Management, one of her strengths being her detailed knowledge of complex government legislation and how it applies to both landlords and tenants.

Being a home owner and Landlord herself, Nicole also understands the importance of managing an investment property. She is passionate about not only managing the tenancy and reporting on the condition but providing information on how to best utilize and maximize the potential of your property. Landlords will experience what it feels like to receive the highest standards of service every time.

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