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Jackson Treverrow |
Jackson Treverrow

Jackson grew up on a farm near Griffith NSW and moved to Newcastle in 2017 with his partner Jess to experience new achievements and make new memories. While Jackson holds a pilot’s licence and has a passion for flying, he also has a background in sales and previously managed the sales department of a major steel distributor in Griffith.

As a sales agent at LOVE, Jackson says it’s his personal responsibility to help his clients move forward into the next stage of their lives with regard to their property goals, whether this be buying, selling or both. Jackson assures his clients that if he were put in their shoes he would not do anything other than what he had advised them to do.

Jackson chose LOVE because on moving to Newcastle they were the only people he felt were aligned 100% with his moral compass.

Away from work, Jackson enjoys reading self-improvement books, riding motorbikes, boating, 4-wheel-driving, and camping.

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